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Facebook Live Power Hour sessions provide an inside look into the rehabilitation process through the perspective of Motus Nova users with live Q&A, active stroke survivor support groups, and additional resources so you can make an informed decision for you or your loved one.

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Youtube is a great resource for finding user testimonials and general information on how to best incorporate The Hand Mentor/Foot Mentor into your rehabilitation plan.

Novus Motion is Expanding Their Service

Our primary provider is currently in training to evaluate, customize, and treat patients using a revolutionary device known as The Myopro myoelectric orthotic device by Moyomo. 

Using the electrical signals generated by our muscles, victims of neurological injuries with a loss in upper extremity function are given the ability to move once again. Find out more by following the links below.

Myomo on Youtube.

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My name is James Dwyer founder and primary provider at Novus Motion. It is my mission to find the most cutting edge forms of neurological rehab to bring life back to limbs that have lost function. My professional interests include robotics, teletherapy, pain management, and virtual reality.

If you would like to learn more about my work history and educational background check out the link below.